About Freddie

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December, 2012

As a result of his persistence, creativity and unending desire to always be the best, Figgers’ company has grown from $250,000 gross income in 2012 to $3.1 million today.

His latest invention, the Figgers F1, is a cell phone that has a built-in mechanism that prevents texting and driving when the car is in motion over 10 miles per hour. At that point the device slips into a safe mode, disabling any and all distractions while driving and without missing a single call. He also designed a device that he sold for $2 million that helps doctors monitor patients remotely. It currently is used at Miami Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Figgers is also involved in his Florida community by helping bail out homes in foreclosure, paying senior citizen’s utility bills, and sponsoring youth programs.

October, 2008

Figgers inventions did not stop there.

“In 2008, I had over 80 custom software programs designed, built, executed, and purchased by companies,” he said. “In late 2008, I started developing “Tracker”, a software program that receives GPS signals to determine the location of any cell phone, whether it is turned on or off. I wanted to be a licensed telecom operator in the USA to compete in the same market as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile.”

So, in May 2009, Figgers applied for a license spectrum band from the FCC to provide radio telecommunication by Internet and voice.

In August 2010, Figgers designed a voice telecommunications network that transmits voice between the United States and to more than 80 countries’ landline and mobile connections.

In 2011, The FCC approved Figgers’ application to own Spectrum and the construction of his first cellular tower.

March, 2006

Figgers Computers Inc. was operated out of his parents’ home. Customers would deliver 20 to 40 computers to his parent’s house weekly for virus repairs or fix broken laptop screens. He focused mainly on local businesses that needed website hosting and co-location without paying high fees for data storage.

 “Within seven months, I had approximately 150 active clients ranging from local businesses that needed websites, law offices that needed to store old client files to clean out their network for new clients, to local car dealerships that needed to store old buyers’ orders from years ago to keep in their records. At that age, what really struck me was telecommunications and how a voice could transmit and travel to a switchboard and relay a call to another voice call across the country in milliseconds,” he continued. “I wanted to create a telecom network, but due to my funding, it was a mere dream.”

Companies loved keeping their data hosted with Figgers Computers and Networks, the young businessman said. Companies started requesting custom programs and requirements to help the day to day business operation functions run smoothly.

“I remember in March of 2006, a sales representative came into a local CPA office, a place where I frequently worked backing up their network to my data center, and I noticed how the salesman came in and sold custom tax preparation software for almost $25,000 for a 30-minute install,” Figgers recalled. “That drove me into software, and how to develop and deploy a software program.

So, in mid-2007, he developed a computer operating system, similar to those created by major rivals like Microsoft. “I sold almost 600 copies of my operating system, but due to everyone having Microsoft and Windows, I ran into hundreds of compatibility issues.”

August, 1998

His story is fueled by a curious mind and kindly adoptive parents who, to keep him out of trouble by age 9, bought him a broken computer from a Goodwill store and challenged him to fix it. “He placed the computer on the kitchen table,” Figgers recalled of his adoptive father. “I made it my mission to get the computer into good working order. After I took the computer apart five times, on my sixth attempt, I finally got it to power on. That is when my technology journey began. Today, that same computer runs on Windows 7.”

By age 13, Figgers started working for the City of Quincy, FL, his hometown. “My job title was Computer Technician and Network Administrator”.

By age 16, Figgers made the strategic decision to be “an employer, instead of an employee. “I started to repair computers for consumers and local businesses in my hometown and surrounding counties. That same year, I founded Figgers Computers Inc.

September, 1989

Freddie Figgers born in Quincy Florida on September 26, 1989, as an abandoned baby who would one day become an American inventor, software engineer and telecom prodigy.

Barely alive, born of his crack-addicted mother, little Freddie Figgers somehow survived, and by age 22 became the youngest American to own and operate a telecommunications company.