By the age of seventeen, I began wondering about how amazing servers can provide resources and share data to thousands of users simultaneously from one place.That lingering idea drove me into building my Data center at my parents’ home. I built nine web servers. That same year, I founded Figgers Computers and Networks. I focused mainly on local businesses that needed website hosting and co-location without paying high fees for data storage. Within seven months, I had approximately one- hundred and fifty active clients ranging from local businesses that needed websites, lawyer offices that needed to store old client files to clean out their network for new clients, to local car dealerships that records. At that age, what really struck me was telecommunications and how a voice could transmit and travel to a switchboard and relay a call to another voice call across the country in milliseconds. I wanted to create a Telecom network but due to my funding, it was a mere dream. Companies loved keeping their data hosted with Figgers Computers and Networks. Companies started requesting custom programs and requirements to help the day to day business operation functions run smoothly. I remember in March of 2006, a sales representative came into a local CPA office, a place where I frequently worked backing up their network to my Data Center, and I noticed how the salesman came in and sold custom Tax preparation software for almost $25,000 for a thirty-minute install. That drove me into software, and how to develop and deploy a software program. Thus, in mid-2007, I developed and An Operating System (OS) is a set of system software programs in a computer that regulate the ways application software programs use the computer hardware and the ways that users control the computer. For hardware functions such as input/output and memory space allocation, operating system programs act as an intermediary between application programs and the computer hardware, although application programs are usually executed directly by the hardware and it launch. I sold almost six- hundred copies of my operating system, but due to everyone having Microsoft and Windows, I ran into hundreds of compatibility issues.

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