Figgers F3 Is Made in America Smartphone With 5G

You might not be familiar with the name or it may sound awkward to you. However, Figgers 3 is not a phone to toil with because it’s not for the less. The handset was built by telecommunications company founded in 2009 in America. The company is offering calling and data plans which start from unlimited $165/month plan for Unlimited global roaming, data and calling for more than 80 countries.

Although the Figgers F3 is not their first phone, it actually worth the attention. The company first smartphone was Figgers F1 which comes with mind-blowing features.
First is the ability to detect vehicle movement above 10 miles per hour and automatically enter a safe mode that would prevent calls and texting while driving.

The Fingers F3 is the company first 5G smartphone. Although it’s made in America, it will be compatible with every mobile operator around the world.  The phone has it all. It has a generous 1TB of internal storage which is the highest you can ever get. Don’t expect a micro SD card slot on this device. It’s also both dust and water resistant with a 4K screen display.

The camera set-up includes a dual 18MP which promise to take beautiful photos. The most exciting feature of Figgers F3 is the Super Base charger. It can wirelessly charge the phone when it comes within a 5-meter range of the Super Base charger. Even Apple can not boast of this feature. No one can tell if this claim is true until the maker come up with a video demo showing the feature.

For now, there is little information at our disposal. We don’t have the specifications which include the processor and screen size of the Figgers F3. All we know is that the phone will be the best ever and will cost a fortune as well.

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