Florida Man Abandoned In Dumpster As A Baby Is Now A Multi-Millionaire

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By: Jessica Tucker  |  February 08, 2020

For anyone who thinks that the cards they have been dealt in life are the ones they have to play, know that there’s always another way. By being given a little encouragement, some love, and having a determined personality, change is possible. If anyone knows this to be true, it’s a man originally from Qunicy, Florida who was abandoned by his birth mother in a dumpster. Today, he’s now a multi-millionaire and the CEO of a technology company.

3-year-old Freddy Figgers was abandoned by his mother when he was merely hours old in a dumpster. As Figgers put it, he was thrown away like “day to day trash.” But he had a will to survive and was subsequently rescued. Shortly after he was rescued, Figgers was adopted by an older couple. What they didn’t have monetarily was made up for with love.

From an early age, Figgers showed a knack to being technologically inclined. Though the first computer he ever bought didn’t work, Figgers tinkered with it until it finally did. After working for the city of Quincy in their IT Department at the age of 13, he went out on his own a couple of years later and opened a small shop of his own called Figgers Telecommunications.

Perhaps the most personal technology-based item that Figgers constructed was a GPS tracker. This was built due to the fact that his adoptive father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and Figgers didn’t want anything happening to his father while away from the house. It was installed into Figgers’ father’s shoe so that if he became lost, all he had to do was speak into his shoe.

The invention of the GPS tracker netted Figgers $2 million USD when he sold the product to a Kansas-based company. Multiple other inventions that he has sold over the years have helped to grow his wealth as well. Talk about a successful man!

Figgers isn’t a bitter person as a result of how his life began. He has since forgiven the woman who abandoned him in the dumpster, though he’s never had a desire to look for her. All Figgers wants to do is better his community and the world around him. He also wants people to know that they personally set the limitations on their lives and that anything is attainable if one’s determined enough to succeed.

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